Mutual Defense group


Q. Will I be called a terrorist if I join a Mutual Defense Group?

A. No. A Mutual Defense Group trains its members to be Citizen Soldiers as outlined in United Stated Code (USC) TITLE 10 Section 311 and TITLE 32 Section 313 and Texas Government Code 431.001 & 431.010. We pledge loyalty only to ourselves and the Constitution of the United States.


Q. Will I be attending protests and demonstrations?

A. No. Participating in any protests or demonstrations will be on your own individual accord and must not appear to represent Lone Star Watchmen in any way. 


Q. Am I too old or out of shape to join?

A. No, we have training and positions for every age and fitness level. 


Q. How often do you meet?

A. We meet at least monthly, this may vary by unit. 

Q. Where are the units located?

A. We have units all over the state, contact us for a unit nearest you. 


Q. Can I attend an event before I join? 

A. Yes, in fact attendance is required before an offer to join is made. It is just as important that we are a good fit for you as it is that you are a good fit for us.. Contact us for more information.


Q. Can women join?

A. Yes, we have many female team members.


Q. Do I need military experience?

A. No, skill sets of all backgrounds are needed and welcome.

Q. Will I need lots of gear/equipment?

A. No. The only required equipment is an effective means to administer first aid to yourself or others. We have a prescribed kit we will send you information on prior to joining.


  • You cannot be a felon

  • No Section 8 Discharges or Dishonorable Discharges.


  • Legal Citizen of the U.S.


  • You have to be 18 or older and able to own a firearm.




To better prepare ourselves and our families for any  incidents or events, we train regularly in key disciplines and in various locations in East at least once a month. 

​The training is designed to enable the unit to come together in short order, and get to a safe area, while protecting our families, our members and communities during times of crisis. We have members with many different skills, which allow for a wide variety of expertise in all areas of survivability. Many of our members are former law enforcement, military personnel, medical field specialists, and other areas that are critical to our group as a whole as well as the community and the great state of Texas. If you are interested in joining we encourage you to attend training. All we require is a background check (no cost to you). Please fill in our contact form and we will let you know when our next training is.



In the weapon community, there will always be a great debate on the better weapon and caliber. With that said, it needs to be understood, weapon commonality becomes an important issue when dealing with resupply. In the Lone Star Watchmen, we recommend AR-15 rifle platform because parts, magazines and ammunition are all very common. Again, we do not require that our members only use these rifles- bring what you have and serve. Side arms are also a matter of preference, but as stated, commonality and resupply should be considered. 


  • To provide for the safety, security, and well being of our members and their families during times of local or national crisis and situations.


  • To provide assistance to our friends, neighbors and community during times of local or national crisis and situations.


  • To provide assistance to established Texas authority, first responders, emergency services, law enforcement agencies and others during times of local or national crisis and/or situations.


  • To defend Texas and the United States from enemies foreign and domestic.


  • To defend Texas and the United States, our families, and our communities, from any political regime or party that seeks to establish any form of totalitarian rule, or eliminates any provision of due process, habeas corpus, or the Articles of the United States Constitution.


  • To defend Texas and the United States from any act of armed aggression by foreign powers, invading forces, United Nations military forces, whether or not said U.N. Forces have been invited by members of any American administration, political parties, or other persons or entities.​


We do not utilize a rank structure. Everyone is equally able to participate at any level and the group trains so that all members rotate through varying positions. If you have particular expertise in a subject, or if you want to become a subject matter expert (SME) and help the group learn a discipline you are encouraged to teach the group during breakout sessions during training.  Leadership is not something you are born with, but rather something that develops through experience, trust and competence. 

Assignment to a leadership role isn’t a right to exercise power or authority over others capriciously. It is a charge to lead by your own example with the best interest of the entire group in mind. We want the most qualified and knowledgeable person in a field to have the opportunity to lead in that area.


A uniform is not required to be a member or attend. Our training areas are studded with cactus, uneven terrain and of course rattlesnakes and biting insects (chiggers and scorpions) are always a potential threat. There will be a lot of time on your feet so comfortable, heavy-duty footwear is critical. We do not have uniforms or rank, however we do recommend heavy-duty reinforced (knees/elbows) military style clothing if you can get it. Our recommended pattern is multicam.