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To provide for the safety, security, and well being of our members and their families during times of local or national crisis and situations.


Q. Will I be called a terrorist if I join a Mutual Assistance Group?

A. No. As a Mutual Assistance Group, we train our members in all aspects of survival including  medical training, survival & bushcraft and marksmanship & tactics. We pledge loyalty only to ourselves, the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of Texas.


Q. Will I be attending protests and demonstrations?

A. No. You may participate in protests or demonstrations on your own individual accord however you must not appear to represent Lone Star Watchmen in any way, including wearing any identifying gear (patches, hats, shirts, etc.). 


Q. Am I too old or out of shape to join?

A. No, we have training and positions for every age and fitness level. 


Q. How often do you meet?

A. We train monthly, and consistent participation is a requirement of membership.

Q. Where are members located?

A. We have members all over the state, however all of our training is in north central Texas.


Q. Can I attend an event before I join? 

A. Yes, in fact attendance is required before an offer to join is made. It is just as important that we are a good fit for you as it is that you are a good fit for us.. 


Q. Can women join?

A. Yes, we have female team members.


Q. Do I need military experience?

A. No, skill sets of all backgrounds are needed and welcome.

Q. Will I need lots of gear/equipment?

A. No. The only required equipment is an effective means to administer first aid to yourself or others. We have a prescribed kit we will send you information on prior to attending training.


To better prepare ourselves and our families for any  incidents or events, we train regularly in key disciplines at various locations in North Central Texas at least once a month. 

​The training is designed to enable the unit to come together in short order, and get to a safe area, while protecting our families, our members and communities during times of crisis. We have members with many different skills, which allow for a wide variety of expertise in all areas of survivability. Many of our members are former law enforcement, military personnel, medical field specialists, and other areas that are critical to our group. If you are interested in joining, understand that consistent training with the group is a requirement of membership. 

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